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Month: February 2017

In recent years, Dropbox has been struggling to find its way. Having realized that there’s little money to be made in simply being a cloud storage service, they’ve been experimenting with a number of incentives and add-ons in an effort to lure customers into buying the premium version of their product. Paper is the company’s

Windows hasn’t had much luck with scaled down operating systems, but there have been hints that the company is about to try again. This time, the company will try with a product called Windows 10 Cloud. Two of their earlier efforts, Windows CE and RT, didn’t go anywhere. The company’s bold experiment with Windows 8.1,

It is an article of faith that Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iStore are the two safest sources for downloading apps. As good as their security routines are, however, they’re not perfect, and sometimes, things slip through the cracks. The world got a painful reminder of their fallibility last year when a group of hackers

Here’s’ an interesting and inspiring story about corporate inventiveness and good citizenship. If you grew up playing with Legos, then you know that half the fun of them is in sharing your creations with others Adults, of course, have plenty of platforms to share on, but those platforms don’t tend to be kid-friendly, and because

Password security continues to be the single biggest weak point in the realm of digital security. The problems on this front are numerous, but chiefly stem from the facts that: • Too many people use simple, easily guessed passwords • Too many people use the same password across multiple accounts • And too many people

If you use an Android device, and since they are the most popular devices on the planet these days, you probably do, then you may also be using a pattern locking mechanism to secure it. On the face of it, that seems to make a lot of sense. After all, given the number of high

How’s your network security? Is it on par with police departments, which, you’d have to imagine, have fairly robust security? If so, you’re still not safe. Recently, police in Cockrell Hill, Texas, announced in a press release that they had been the victim of a ransomware attack that cost them dearly. The hackers demanded $4000

Is your laptop a fire hazard? If it’s using an HP battery, it may be. Recently, HP began receiving reports of batteries overheating, and in at least one case, in Canada, a laptop actually caught fire. That prompted HP to issue a recall of more than 41,000 batteries, but as the number of complaints continued

If you’re a Mac user who uses GarageBand or Logic Pro, you’re going to want to update both of those programs with Apple’s latest patches. According to the company, they discovered critical security flaws in both pieces of software that could allow hackers to remotely execute code. Apple stressed that there are no known instances

The Department of Health and Human Services is off to a busy start in 2017, having just levied their second hefty fine for HIPAA violations. In this instance, the company in question was Puerto Rican insurer MAPFRE. Back in 2011, MAPFRE had reported an ePHI incident involving a flash drive that was stolen from the

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