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Month: July 2016

Apple recently, and very quietly, made an announcement that went largely unnoticed by technology press agents and reporters looking for juicy headline materials. It turns out that many may have missed the most important headline of them all. Namely, the coming release of Apple’s new file system, APFS. Two things make this new filesystem noteworthy.

One of the biggest problems about successful data breaches is the fact that if the hackers are really good, it can be quite some time before their target is even aware there’s a problem. This appears to be the case with Acer, the world’s largest computer manufacturer. Their webstore, Acer.com, was hacked more than a

The hacking community is at it again, and they’ve once more upped the ante. It wasn’t long ago that ransomware called Ransom32 that was partially written in NodeJS, but delivered via an executable file, had been the norm, that is until now. Now though, there’s a new threat. The ransomware is called RAA, and is

A number of big, exciting developments were announced at Apple’s recent worldwide developer’s conference, and from the sound of it, there are a number of really exciting changes coming that will give the Apple community plenty to look forward to. Below, we’ll outline the biggest and best of the announcements. iOS 10 The developer beta

LeakedSource provides us with yet more bad news. Hackers have breached VerticalScope, a media company that runs a number of large online communities, including several enormously popular ones including Techsupportforum.com, motorcycle.com, and AutoGuide.com. According to the company, for every record they found, they found a corresponding IP address, email address, and at least one password.

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