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Month: October 2016

In a bid to increase its share of the browser market, Microsoft has made some interesting moves recently, which make its new “Edge” browser software stand out from the crowd. The most recent change is the announced addition of Windows Defender Application Guard, which can be selectively enabled on a user’s browser. If the option

Laptop users in general have been unhappy with Google’s Chrome browser. There are several aspects of the software’s design that cause it to drain battery power at an alarming rate. Fortunately, the company has decided to do something about that, and with the release of Chrome 53, things should be notably better. Although battery life

From the very earliest days of the PC revolution, printer manufacturers have relied on a very specific model to sell their wares. They sell the printer itself as cheaply as possible, relying on the sales of ink cartridges to make up the difference and pad their bottom lines. Known as the “Razor and Blades” model,

Over the past few years, most of MacOS’s updates have been aimed at bringing it firmly into alignment with iOS. Gradually, we’ve seen an increasing number of iOS’s features ported over to the desktop, up to and including the overall look and feel of the software that drives Apple’s mobile device empire. Until this most

Much has been written about the explosion in the size of the Internet of Things: a dizzying and rapidly growing collection of internet-connected objects that we use to make our lives more convenient. These days, you can find smart versions of everything from televisions to refrigerators, video cameras, home security systems, thermostats and more. The

Traditional web hosting services are on the way out, at least where small and medium sized businesses are concerned. These are the latest findings by Clutch.co, based on a recent survey of SMBs. A staggering 95% of them say they already have, or are planning to migrate from web hosting service companies to cloud hosting.

If you’ve never heard of ClixSense, you’re not alone. It’s a website that supposedly pays its users for viewing advertisements and completing surveys online. Unfortunately, people who signed up to use the system got a whole lot more than they bargained for. In this case, the particulars of the hack are as interesting as its

Are you familiar with the music service, Last.fm? If you used the service at any point in 2012, your password could be compromised. This is the latest find announced by LeakedSource, which provides an online listing of data breaches from around the web, as well as a repository that contains copies of the stolen data.

Longer Tweets are finally coming! Maybe. At some point. It is the company’s single most requested feature: an easing of the tight, 140-character restriction on Tweet length. And although the company has often reiterated that it was holding fast to the limit, they’ve recently announced a willingness to reverse course in a limited fashion. Twitter’s

Tesla isn’t the first automaker whose increasingly automated vehicles have been hacked, but they are the latest. Fortunately, the hackers weren’t real hackers, but security researchers working for a firm called Keen Security Lab. The results, however, were disturbing to say the least. If you own one of Tesla’s vehicles, then you know how much

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