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Month: March 2017

If you’re a business owner, and you haven’t yet heard of BEC scams, it’s a term you owe it to yourself to get familiar with. The acronym stands for Business Email Compromise, otherwise known as CEO fraud, and it’s growing in popularity. The basic idea is that a hacker spends time studying your business, how

The security company Checkpoint recently found a critical security flaw in both the Whatsapp and Telegram services that could have spelled big trouble for their users. Fortunately, it has already been patched with no apparent damage done, but below, the details of the flaw are outlined because this may not be the last time we

Google Maps has, for years now, been the savior of directionally challenged people everywhere, and it just got even better. Thanks to a new update that was made without fanfare, it will now help you remember where you parked. When you get wherever you’re going, if you’ve got the app pulled up, you can simply

There’s a new technology being developed by researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) that stands to be a game-changer. Dubbed “lip password,” the new tech utilizes machine learning to recognize lip motion, shape and texture for each user when you speak your password. Of significance, your voice has nothing to do with the password

A brazen group of hackers calling themselves the “Turkish Crime Family” claims to have more than half a million user names and passwords for a variety of Apple-based services, including mac.com, me.com and icloud.com. Unless their demands are met and the company pays a hefty $150,000, the group is threatening to erase everything in all

If you’re one of the relatively few people still using Windows Vista, you should know that the OS is on life support. As of April 11, Microsoft will no longer be providing any kind of support. This means no critical security updates, no tech support and no patches of any kind for any reason. You’ll

The internet is beginning to resemble the wild west, thanks to this latest data breach, which has exposed almost a billion and a half email addresses and a full range of other personal information. The two things that make this particular incident noteworthy are its sheer size and the target of the hack. In this

Have you recently purchased an Android phone? Depending on the brand and where you got it, you may have purchased a device pre-loaded with malware. So far, two unidentified vendors have been found selling smartphones from a variety of manufacturers containing malware from two different and particularly nasty families of malware: SLocker and Loki. In

Given the fact that smart phones are about to eclipse PCs as the King of the digital world, threats against smart devices are garnering increasing attention, and the biggest players in the smart device market are taking an active stance against them. The Google Play Store is already one of the most secure online app

With all its potential, the Internet of Things has problems. The single biggest one of these relates to privacy. This came into sharp focus last year when a smart TV producer revealed that their products were always on and could easily record private conversations. If the servers housing those recordings were hacked, it could put

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