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Month: August 2017

Security researchers from firms around the web are warning of a new email exploit that hackers can use to modify the contents of an email, even after it has been sent and delivered. Originally discovered by Francisco Ribeiro of the firm Mimecast, Ropemaker stands for “Remotely Originated Post-delivery Email Manipulation Attacks Keeping Email Risky,” and

Would modern life even be possible without Wi-Fi? There are many who don’t think so, and you may be one of them. One of the biggest problems with it, though, is that the range of the signal is quite limited. Get more than a couple hundred feet away from the source of the signal, and

Mac users have a new strain of malware to be concerned about. It is dubbed “Mughthesec,” which seems to be a new, improved, and more robust design, based on an older piece of malware known as the OperatorMac family. Among its improvements are the facts that it includes an anti-VM detection system that includes a

For a time, Locky ransomware was the scourge of the internet and was considered by many security experts to be the most widely distributed form of malware on the internet. Things change, however, and the internet marches on. Hackers latch on to the latest and greatest variants, and after a brief surge to the top,

Remember the global Wannacry ransomware attack? Remember the even more recent Petya attacks? You would think after either of these, IT professionals around the world would have stepped up and immediately implemented better, stronger and more robust security protocols, because as those attacks proved, if the hackers want to, they can bring not just individual

Nationwide may be “on your side,” as their ads claim, but they’re not immune to data breaches, and in 2012, they suffered a serious one that impacted more than 1.2 million of their customers. A post mortem investigation into the breach concluded that it was made possible because the company failed to install a security

Microsoft’s increased transparency in recent years is winning it high marks and added trust among the company’s massive user base, at least according to the recent report offered by Marisa Rogers. Rogers is the Privacy Officer for the company’s Windows and Devices group, who reports that fully 71 percent of users who have updated to

This year is on track to win the dubious honor of seeing more hacking attacks than any year since statistics have been kept, and should handily beat out 2016’s total, which currently holds the record, according to a recently published report by NTT Security. According to the security giant’s data, their customers have suffered a

Even cybersecurity companies struggle with data security. Case in point: FireEye, a well-known and well-respected player in the industry, has had this struggle. Recently, they fell victim to a successful hacking attack conducted by a group called “31337.” Of interest, the hackers didn’t breach the corporate network, but instead, hacked into a number of one

Microsoft just released its August 2017 security patch, as is customary on Patch Tuesday, which, by itself, is not news. The importance of this particular security update, however, is extremely newsworthy, and if you’re not in the habit of installing security updates when they come out, you’ll want to grab this one. On its face,

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