Adjust Your IT Services To Your New Workflow

Hello, and welcome back to the SunRiver IT blog! We hope that you’re staying healthy and safe during this difficult time. The pandemic we’re currently experiencing is drastically changing the way we all work, and chances are that these changes are difficult to adjust to.

Whether someone is entirely working from home, splitting time between working from home and working in the office, or even working on the front lines as an essential worker, their schedule has been entirely changed. And if you’re a business owner, you’ve not only been working to stay afloat financially, but to also optimize the logistics of your team’s workflow in a way that works with limitations and requisite changes. 

Today, we’re going to focus on this, and specifically, how SunRiver IT can help your business adjust to the changes in your day to day operations.

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The Power Of Seamless, Informed, And Dedicated IT

Regardless of your specific work scenario, it’s likely that in the wake of COVID-19, you’ve been relying on technology significantly more than usual. For some, the entire workforce is temporarily or indefinitely working from home. For others, communication has fallen exclusively to technology, be it between staff, for estimates or consultations, client briefings, and more. And for everyone, it’s more important now than ever that the usual technology we rely on is functioning efficiently and reliably.

With professional IT services, you can ensure that your technology and networks are not just efficient and reliable, but also secure, up to date, and optimized for your specific technological environment. 

At SunRiver IT, we strive to provide the best IT services to small businesses in the greater Nashville area, but what does that look like? 

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to IT services because they’re all-encompassing and tailored to our clients. We become your outside IT provider, but that doesn’t mean we’re inaccessible — instead, it means we don’t take up space in your office or get in the way, while simultaneously being readily available in-person or remotely for any and all of your IT needs. 

And that’s only the beginning. With managed IT services, we start by formulating a tailored service package to your needs. This means that we take a look at your current IT infrastructure so we can gain an understanding of what you need to a) maintain your infrastructure and b) optimize your current systems. 

Going further, we can even provide you with equipment upgrade recommendations, and we’ll produce regular reports for you and your executives.

Unlike break-fix IT providers, we provide you a consistent rate, and as a result work tirelessly to keep your IT infrastructure in the best possible condition in regard to cybersecurity, efficiency, reliability, and optimization. 

Ultimately, we believe that managed IT services are the best set-up, not just in the wake of a pandemic, but all of the time for all businesses. Again, outsourcing your IT services to a reliable, experienced IT company not only heightens the overall effectiveness of your IT infrastructure, but it also frees up your staff’s bandwidth by eliminating IT issues and removing IT responsibilities from their shoulders. 

Here are common aspects of a managed IT service contract: 

  • 24/7 IT Help Desk
  • Remote IT Support
  • On-Site IT Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Regular IT Reports For Executives
  • IT Advice For Executives
  • Hardware/Software Procurement
  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Software Maintenance

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Compliance Solutions

Compliance is always a vital aspect of business operations. And, while important, it’s an intensive process that requires constant attention. Fortunately, at SunRiver IT, we’re expert compliance solutions service providers for healthcare, finance, and construction companies — three industries that are working harder than ever right now (we’d like to note that we offer compliance solutions for other industries as well, if your business is not listed here but you’re interested in our services, please contact us).

Our intimate understanding of legislative and industry-specific compliance requirements paired with our expert IT skills make us the perfect resource to handle your compliance solutions. Not only will we remove the burden of managing compliance, but we’ll also leave you confident that you’ll never have to worry about non-compliance penalties again. 

Some of our main compliance solutions include: 

  • Employee Security Policies
  • Travel Laptop Policies/Procurement
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Cloud Services And Security
  • PCI Certification
  • HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA Compliance Protocols Expertise

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Cloud Services

The cloud has been an incredible development for individuals, businesses, and IT companies alike! Especially now, the cloud is relied on for storage, sharing, organization, hosting, and so much more. In fact, as a result of remote working conditions or altered office setups, the cloud is likely being relied on now more than ever. With the experienced IT professionals at SunRiver IT, you can not only optimize, better understand, and upgrade your use of the cloud, but you can also heighten your security to better protect your information.

Some of our cloud services include: 

  • Website Hosting
  • Window Server Hosting
  • Email And Microsoft Exchange Hosting
  • Infrastructure Hosting
  • Data Synchronization 
  • Backup And Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted Pbx And Internet-based Telephony 
  • Mobile Management 

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You’ve probably seen the theme by now — cybersecurity is always a primary focus for businesses, but it’s more important now than ever. Again, you’re likely doing most, if not everything, over your company’s network. While it’s amazing that we can do so much over the internet, it’s also important to remember that cybersecurity is imperative to a successful business. 

A secure, reliable network brings you, your employees, your clients, and even your investors peace of mind, especially if you deal with especially-sensitive information. 

Cybersecurity is always specialized to each company, but here are a few services you can expect with when trusting us with your cybersecurity: 

  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Website Security
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Firewall Management
  • Email Filtering
  • Application Security Updates
  • Email Encryption
  • Data Storage Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Remote Security Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Security
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Employee Online Security Training
  • Cloud Asset Security

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SunRiver IT

We hope that you, your family, and your coworkers are all safe, healthy, and happy during this difficult time. And we also hope that this blog has helped you see how professional, outsourced IT assistance can help optimize and secure your workflow in this unprecedented time.

If you have any questions about our managed or one-time services, or if you’re interested in working with us, please contact us today