Everything You Need to Know About a Digital Rights Management Solution

The Internet is a great gift for both content owners and hackers. People can lose revenue as quickly as they earn it. Thus, it’s important to take measures against cyberattacks and theft.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the solution to these challenges. Let’s learn the basics of DRM, and then you can discuss ways to protect your content and data with us. SunRiver IT is happy to offer IT security and compliance services.

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital rights management refers to the protection of copyrighted digital media. DRM limits the copying and theft of proprietary software through technologies.

DRM allows content owners, authors, creators and publishers to control what their users can do with their content. DRM also allows businesses to limit users’ access to certain data and assets to avoid compliance and legal issues.

It is a key component of data security, making it impossible for cybercriminals to share or steal data in the first place.

Why Is DRM Important?

The local, federal and state government in the US alone lose $422 million in annual tax revenues due to piracy. Of $422 million, $291 million represents personal income tax loss, while $131 represents production and corporate income tax loss. Online piracy costs $30 billion annually, contributing to 560,000 job losses in the US.

The whopping 42% rate of unlicensed software explains the sporadic menacing effect of piracy and copyright infringements, but that’s not it. Besides revenue losses, cybercriminals also use stolen content and devices for malicious activities.

DRM is the only way to make unauthorized access impossible. It protects copyrighted content and closes the cybercrime loop altogether.

How Does DRM Work?

DRM software uses permission management or copy protection software. Permission management software controls access to protected content through license files, permission profiles, user authentication and VPNs based on IP addresses, roles and locations.

The copy protection system includes digital content encryption. Only an authorized person who knows the secret encryption key can unlock the content. The key involves predefined rules to limit when and how content is accessed.

An image showing pirated software discs

Do You Want to Protect Your Digital Content and Software?

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