Top 4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Franklin IT Service Companies Going Into 2019

Time For A New IT Support Company For Your Franklin, TN Business?

Here are the top questions you need to ask when interviewing Franklin IT service companies.

Is your staff getting overwhelmed with keeping up with IT updates and requirements? Perhaps it is time to outsource your Franklin IT services. Hiring a contractor to handle your IT support will take the burden off of your shoulders and allow your busy employees to focus on your core business and your clients. It is essential to find a Franklin IT support company that you can trust with your computer issues. Many factors weigh in your decision to work with an outsourced IT support company. To help you determine whether you are ready to work with a Franklin IT services company, here are the top 4 questions to ask when interviewing your next Franklin, TN IT Services company.

1. What IT Support Tasks Can You Take On?

Depending on your budget and the size of your company’s operation, hiring a Franklin IT support company can range in price based on what tasks they handle for you. While you may decide to hand off only some of your IT work, here is a typical list of jobs that an outside IT firm can support for you.

  • Adding and deleting users
  • Network monitoring
  • Data backup
  • Email archiving and filtering
  • IT support for employees
  • Maintaining a firewall
  • Protection from viruses
  • Software management
  • Equipment purchasing or leasing
  • Server and equipment maintenance
  • Mobile device management
  • Compliance management
  • Application management

Part of your decision-making process is evaluating the cost of contracting your IT services. However, keep in mind that a dedicated IT firm can complete work efficiently due to their team’s expertise and experience in routine and crisis task management.

2. How Much Will Outsourcing IT Support Cost My Franklin, TN Company?

IT support costs in Franklin will range depending on the type of services used for your company. The number of computers, users and the size of your IT network will affect the cost of your contract. Service contracts generally include both repairs and maintenance of your hardware and software. Keeping units updated with the latest software fixes and security updates is another area that your support team can take on.

A good IT firm will stay on top of any repairs and updates routinely, as well as be available for last-minute maintenance so that your company minimizes downtime and loss of income. However, it is up to you to examine the cost-benefit analysis when selecting a Franklin IT support company. Here are the standard service agreement plans that work for most small- to medium-sized businesses.

Break-Fix Service

If you use your computers sparingly or don’t have many, you may prefer a “Break-Fix” service. This service is similar to contacting the local “geek squad” when your computer breaks down. Break-Fix service relies on single repair or maintenance service calls. You pay for each service when a technician comes out or helps you over the phone. You may be able to minimize costs this way, but you can also end up with unexpected costly repairs.

Per Device Service

The second type of service agreement called a “Per Device” service offers a continuing fee for each device that is under contract. Costs typically run up to $100 per month charged in an “a la carte” fashion like ordering from a restaurant menu. Your budget determines the quantity and thoroughness of support and service rendered for each device during the month. For a business that has a low quantity of devices, this plan may be the best fit for you.

Per User Service

The most commonly used service agreement model used by small- and medium-sized businesses is the “Per User” contract. A Per User service agreement is the most flexible of all three types, able to adapt to any changes in your business while issuing updates and maintenance of all your computers and devices promptly. Costs can vary depending on what part of the country you are in and how many and what type of devices you have and the services you require. Full-service computer services run approximately from $100 to $200 per user.

3. What Kind of Experience Does Your Team Have?

Trusting a third-party business with your critical network maintenance, data storage, and business records is a big step. Therefore, it is vital to be sure that your Franklin IT services firm has the experienced staff you need. If a crisis comes up, you need a team of dedicated IT people who can take care of it smoothly, even in the middle of the night. The best companies provide 24/7 support so that your company doesn’t have to deal with downtime. After all, every minute you are down costs you money and the goodwill of your customers.

Your IT support firm needs to be on top of the latest information in the IT sector so that you can rely on them to keep your business secure and running. Look for a company with a full team of experienced professionals that add up to decades of expertise in the IT services industry.

4. What is Your Customer Retention Rate for the Last 5 Years?

You can learn a lot about IT companies in FranklinTN when you ask them for their retention rate. Companies that satisfy their customers will keep their clients longer. A related question is “How do you handle problems when they do come up?” Response times to repair calls are important, and no matter how good an IT company is, there will still be some problems that occur. If their references talk about how well they have handled problems in the past as well as their courteous and professional service, you know that you are going in the right direction.