How Your Company Should React After a Data Breach

Dealing with a data breach is a challenging but critical for any business. The aftereffects can be severe, lasting for months or years. You must fix the problem and ensure it won’t repeat.

A data breach reflects poorly on your reputation. So here were are guiding you to take careful steps after a data breach occurs. You can also talk to us about your cybersecurity issues. Click here for more information on our cybersecurity services.

What Does A Data Breach Entail?

Data breaches can take any shape or form, such as:

  1. Ransomware blocks access to your computer system unless you pay the ransom.
  2. Phishing is a type of scam used to obtain sensitive data.
  3. Baiting infects a system after luring someone into downloading something, i.e., a movie, music, or an app.

How Can You React Proactively to A Data Breach?

Instead of panicking, you should address the problem proactively. SunRiver IT has security specialists who can offer 24/7 IT services, including a help desk and a business continuity plan for data breaches.

Here’s how you can respond to the data breach to minimize the risks:

Contain the Breach

Most businesses tend to delete everything following a security breach. While the temptation can be high, you should preserve the evidence of the breach to figure out where it started and how it happened.

This helps contain the breach so you can protect other uninfected devices and servers. Take these actions:

  • Disable internet connection and remote access.
  • Change passwords and install security patches or updates.
  • Maintain firewall settings.

Notify Other Parties

While trying to contain the breach, you should inform third parties such as financial institutions and banks. They will lock your accounts to prevent further transactions. It’s important to keep the relevant parties in the loop to prevent legal liability.

Redesign Security Infrastructure

Once you have contained the data breach and informed relevant parties, you should improve security measures. Redesign your IT and cybersecurity infrastructure to prevent future attacks.

You may need to train employees on new security protocols, install encryption and change the password management policy.

Cybersecurity risk

The Best Offense is Defense – Get Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services

Prevention is the easiest option. You can prevent data breaches with our cybersecurity and managed IT services. At SunRiver IT, we offer on-site and cloud-managed IT services and cybersecurity services to offer a 24/7 help desk, regular reporting, vendor management, and much more.

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