Secrets IT Companies in Nashville Will Never Share

Now that you have finally decided to outsource your IT, you have got some big decisions to make. The most important one is choosing which local IT company you will partner with to build and maintain a sustainable and scalable network.

Although there are several IT companies out there, only one understands your industry, your business, and every member of your organization. Below, are several things you should look for in a dependable and trustworthy IT company and why SunRiver IT should be your choice.

1. Hire a Local IT Company in the Nashville Area

If you are going to outsource your IT management, then it only makes sense to hire a local company who can provide exceptional customer service when you need it most. While SunRiver’s Help Desk services can address most of your day-to-day issues, it is also good to know that we are right around the corner when you need us to provide onsite IT support. Our on-site support can reduce your downtime, help you when you need immediate disaster recovery, and keep your computer equipment and hardware operating at peak performance.

2. Choose an IT Company That Knows Your Industry

SunRiver IT serves three main industries:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Financial companies
  3. Construction

Why do we serve these businesses? Because these are the industries that we know best. Within these industries, we focus on small to mid-sized businesses. While we are capable of working with enterprises, we have found that small to mid-sized business are the most in need of a secure, dependable, and scalable infrastructure. As the backbone of the American economy, small and mid-level businesses need IT experts who can help them with every area of their network.

SunRiver IT provides assistance, consultation, resources, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance to make sure that small-business systems stay in excellent condition.

3. The Company Should be Able to Fully Support Your IT Infrastructure

The core of any information technology company is its managed IT services. “Managed IT” is a fancy term for “We do it all”. However, many companies that claim to do it all may leave out important components of their service that offer scalable and sustainable support for your businesses.

At SunRiver IT, we offer full IT support by offering customizable support packages with flat-fee rates, solutions for improved productivity, and a 24/7 Help Desk that helps you during those cringe moments in your operation.

4. Ask the Company About Software Support

And speaking of support, you want the IT provider to create a platform that supports all of your software. Whether you are installing all of your software on every device or using a SaaS, the IT consultant should be able to help you develop a plan for accommodating your software.

If you have custom applications, SunRiver IT can triage and troubleshoot any problems that you may encounter. We can partner with your developers to ensure that all applications operate smoothly within the IT network.

5. All Solutions That the Provider Offers Should be Scalable

Every solution that SunRiver IT offers is scalable on one level or another. Whether you need a more flexible phone system, cloud platform, security base, or any other component, we can create an infrastructure that allows your business to grow.

Our consultant can sit down with you to develop a one-year, five-year, or ten-year plan for projected growth and be ready to implement or change the system with little to no downtime. We also offer ongoing employee education to help your team utilize all components of the network efficiently with the ability to collaborate.

6. Cybersecurity Should be a Top Priority

What strategies does the company offer to keep your entire network safe from malware and other cyber threats? Our team of IT security experts monitors your data, computers, and network 24/7/365 to make sure that every point along the system is safe.

We provide ongoing penetration testing, analysis, reports, and upgrades as needed. If there is any suspicious activity going anywhere in the network, we already have a plan in place to prevent it from infiltrating your network and accessing your data. We offer other services such as encryption and data storage & recovery.

7. Certification and Ongoing Education is a Must

The entire team at SunRiver IT is always seeking new certification and educational opportunities to keep up with the rigorous demands of the IT industry. We have been in business since 1993. We have seen radical changes in information technology over the years. And, yet we have never fallen behind.

Compared to other IT companies in Nashville, SunRiver IT has a reputation for being a leader in our field. We continue to push ourselves to stay ahead of the competition and provide the highest level of expert service for our clients.

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