What IT Company in Nashville Can Help with Large Scale IT Projects?

Nashville IT Company Specializing In Large Scale IT Projects

As your business grows, you will need a scalable IT network that can handle your additional workflow, infrastructure, and organizational processes. If you are currently managing multiple sites, you will need an IT company in Nashville that can help you organize your IT assets and finances while creating a stable platform for multiple virtual servers and users.

SunRiver IT offers comprehensive managed IT support for startups, local businesses, and healthcare organizations in the Nashville area. We provide a proactive multi-stream approach to IT that includes network services, cloud services, and cybersecurity. No matter how large or complex your current network is, our IT team can handle it.

Complete Managed IT Solutions for Large Scale IT Projects

A comprehensive managed IT package provides a solid foundation that supports your daily organizational workflow while increasing your productivity in a secure network that you can rely on without fail. What services do we provide that help strengthen your business?

  • Efficient hardware and software and integration
  • Automated IT processes that minimize manual tasks
  • Remote IT monitoring and management that reinforces business continuity
  • On-site customer support and IT consulting
  • Executive level solutions that foster business growth
  • Solutions that help you meet your corporate goals and objectives

Our IT services are specifically designed for more substantial projects across multi-site platforms. Whether you need to merge multiple sites into one domain or need help to restructure and manage your digital assets, our team can work closely with you to develop a long-term strategy.

This includes vendor management, ongoing IT analysis & reports, hardware & software procurement, and software/application, updates, upgrades, and patching.

Extensive Network Design and Setup

Creating a vast network throughout your entire business can be a difficult task. Our certified IT professionals have experience working with companies in a wide range of industries to create complex network models. We can also work with you to review your current needs, assess your network, and consult you on the best hardware and software solutions for your business.

We can set up and configure the entire network so that it is ready to utilize without any problems. Our network services include:

Ongoing Updates

We prevent potential security and operational issue from every happening by monitoring and updating your network as needed. Updates will strengthen your network and allow your business to transition and grow seamlessly.


A high-level secure firewall will monitor and control all incoming and outgoing network traffic based on your company’s specifications. With the right firewall in place, you can establish an impenetrable barrier between your network and unauthorized users from unidentified networks.


We utilize sophisticated software and tools to create passwords that hackers cannot access. We store your passwords so that you can retrieve them whenever necessary.

Antivirus & Antispam

Your company is attacked almost every day by entities that use viruses, malware, spyware, and other programs to infect your network. Our antivirus & antispam software keeps these attacks from ever reaching your network.

No matter how large your business or how extensive your network hardware setup, network design, and network security are vital components that we can implement to create a digital perimeter around your infrastructure.

A Unified Cloud Platform for Your Entire Organization

Cloud applications allow you to network, collaborate, communicate and share data over a single secure platform.

SunRiver IT cloud services give you the flexibility you need to operate your business from any remote location anywhere in the world. Regardless of how large your IT project is or how much your company grows, a cloud platform allows you to maintain business continuity without disruption. What type of cloud services do we offer?

  • Website hosting
  • Window Server hosting
  • Email and Microsoft Exchange hosting
  • Infrastructure hosting
  • Data synchronization
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Hosted PBX and Internet-based telephony
  • Mobile management

Since the cloud offers nearly unlimited versatility, we can customize your platform to suit your business infrastructure and your current needs. If your needs change, we can easily update your cloud to meet your current objectives depending on your type of business, staff size, and your operating IT budget.

Schedule a Consultation with a Trusted IT Company in Nashville

SunRiver IT offers affordable and flexible IT services and support that fuel business growth and leverage your company’s competitive edge. To find out more about how we can help you with your large-scale IT project, contact us today at (615) 646-2121 or message us at info@sunriverit.com.