Office 365 Is The Right Solution For Your Business

The Right IT Tools for the Right Job

Without the tools you need, getting the work done takes a lot longer.  It doesn’t mean it can’t be done; it just means you aren’t going to be as efficient as you could be. Using Office 365 enables you to hit peak efficiency.

Many businesses limp along with technology that just isn’t working for them anymore.  Sometimes, it’s a matter of outdated software that isn’t up to the task.  Other times, it can be hardware that is bogged down with too much “stuff” on it. You know…you turn on your computer, and it takes FOREVER to boot up.

You’re not techie—you freely admit it.  And even if you could figure out what software programs would most benefit your business, once you actually bought them and got them installed, you’d still be a little bit lost trying to navigate things. You can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to make things work or you can find the solution.

So, what’s the solution? No longer do you have to be held hostage to technology woes.  Office 365 will greatly simplify and enhance your company’s workload.  Best of all, SunRiver IT Partners is your Office 365 expert team, and we are ready to put our skills to work for you.

Why Office 365?

There are many benefits to adding Office 365 to your company’s productivity strategy. Office 365, maintained and managed by SunRiver IT Partners, provides your business with:

  • Flexibility – Today’s office operates in an ever-changing marketplace. Get the office productivity solution that can adjust to the needs of your business as it runs from day to day and evolves.
  • Collaboration – Built-in tools give Office 365 an advantage over all competitors in the realm of collaborative capability. Anywhere, anyplace, anyone, anytime – the possibilities for securely working as a team are endless.
  • Security – Using Office 365 gives your company the advantage of using up-to-date software and relying on industry-leading security measures built into the fabric of the solution.
  • Scalability – Office 365 grows with your company. From a one-person startup to corporations employing thousands, this superb, cloud-based solution expands or contracts with the ever-changing needs of your business.
  • Data Protection – Let us show you how we protect all Office 365 data (Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint) from accidental or malicious deletion or corruption.
  • Included Upgrades – Upgrades are included in the cost. You automatically get the latest and greatest version of Office 365.

What SunRiver IT Partners Can Offer You

Anyone can buy an Office 365 subscription online.  But not just anyone can advise you on the right subscription, install it, synchronize with your other applications, and make Office 365 really work for you.  SunRiver IT Partners has expert knowledge of all of the inner workings of the Office 365 software platform and will custom design an IT strategy that is best suited to your business needs.

We don’t believe in equipping you with things that you don’t need and can’t use.   With Office 365 from SunRiver Partners, you are only charged for what you use.  Best of all, the software is completely scalable.  Have you added some new employees and need access for more users?  Not a problem.

Need support to keep your mobile devices synchronized with the latest in Office 365?  Concerned about updates?  Put your worries aside.  It’s all covered with Office 365 with SunRiver IT Partners.

  • Automatic Updates
  • Simple Collaboration
  • Instant Messaging and Video Conferencing
  • Help Desk Support

Whatever your Office 365 needs, the SunRiver IT Partners team will deliver.

Ready to get started?  What’s stopping you?

Contact the SunRiver IT Partners’ expert IT team at {phone} or {email} now to make the most of Office 365.

Help is just a phone call away, and we are ready to get to work for you.