Get to Know SunRiver IT Partners!

SunRiver IT Partners Will Ensure Your IT Business Success!

The SunRiver IT Partners team is a group of smart, friendly people who are enthusiastic about helping you acquire and maintain an IT environment that supports your business success.

Our business model concept has evolved since the early days of 1993. Initially, we were focused on hardware sales and break/fix services. Over time, we came to realize that the market was desperate for a different approach. Business leaders didn’t want to use their computers and network until it broke down and then call a repairman. Executives were beginning to look at their IT environments like an investment that needed to be continuously maintained for optimal performance.

And that’s what we gave them… Subscription based, continuous IT care. In the industry, this is now commonly referred to as IT Managed Services.

With this business model firmly in place, we were able to give our clients the always maintained, always on technology that their high-demand businesses required.

Our Clients

We love working with business leaders that have a clear vision for their company. Why? Because we want to play a small part in making their vision a reality!

Clients that are open-minded about technology and are serious about protecting their IT infrastructure understand the role that technology plays in the day-to-day workflow of their company. We work hand and glove with this type of business leader and have open conversations about the company’s current IT posture, current needs, pressing questions, and IT-impacted growth objectives.

Our Services

We offer a full range of IT services that are intended to support your goals of scale and competitive advantage. We deliver everything from robust security solutions to IT training for your staff. By partnering with SunRiver IT Partners, your business will enjoy hassle-free technology that is tailored to the way you want to do business. Some of the business-centric advantages of working with the SunRiver IT Partners team are:

  • Taking advantage of current trends to stay competitive.
  • Getting and utilizing IT information to strengthen processes.
  • Working with IT professionals that develop hands-on strategies to improve your workflow.
  • Developing personal relationships with IT services professionals that care about your business.
  • Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of your goals and processes to gain productivity.
  • Depending on a team that listens to your IT challenges and works proactively to address them.

We harness the power of personal service and become a true partner that your employees can count on to help them to enhance efficiency, get their daily work accomplished, and address any IT concerns. By proactively focusing on what is best for you and your business, we provide you with a computing environment that is user-friendly and experiences maximum uptime.

Our Values

We care about our clients, our employees, and our business. That’s why we have established company values that define who we are as a company, how we see ourselves, and how we deliver services.

  • Always do what’s best for the client. – Many times, because of the technology, the client won’t know what that “best thing” is, but we strive to explain what we are doing in plain language and provide the best solution to the issue the client is facing.
  • Always be fair and honest. – Sure, every company is going to say this, but we take it a step further by committing to transparency with our clients. Ask a question, and you’ll get a straightforward answer.
  • Always be dependable. – Our clients know that they can count on us. We have proven our reliability to them, and they trust us to maintain their systems when all is running well and come running to the rescue if things go sideways.
  • Always be learning. – Because the IT field is always shifting and new technologies are continually emerging on the market, our team is dedicated to a process of continuous education.

We’d love to get to know you and your business! Give us a call now at 615-646-2121 or send an email to to begin a no-obligation conversation about your company’s IT requirements.