Tech Companies in Nashville–How to Find the Right One for Your Business

Choices: Lots of Tech Companies In Nashville To Choose From

We are in the midst of a continually evolving technological revolution that began with the invention of the internet. It’s an exciting time and new technologies are being developed and implemented every day. Even small businesses can reach—and serve–more customers than ever before, and on a much more personal level.

However, it has also become a full-time job to stay informed about all the latest tech developments, ahead of the competition–and maintain security while doing it. Okay, considering recent advances in predictive storage analytics, artificial intelligence, and integrated arrays, it’s not just one full-time job–it’s a full-time job for a team of experts.

If you don’t have a deep understanding of terms like“hybrid hyper-converged infrastructure,” you might need a team of your own. Ideally, that team should be local and familiar with your business environment right down to your area weather.

Reasons to Research Tech Companies in Nashville

Businesses have discovered countless ingenious ways to maximize the advantages of going high-tech. Unfortunately, so have criminals. In 2017, there were so many data breaches that as of 2018, 50 states have already passed legislation requiring businesses to inform their customers of instances in which their personal information has been compromised. When customer information is compromised, the losses a company can suffer as a result are difficult to calculate. Of course, there is a financial loss in the form of increased insurance premiums and decreased credit ratings. Existing contracts may be canceled and future agreements may never be signed. In the case of a cyber attack, the entire system may have to be shut down for costly and time-consuming repairs.

Although it has no set dollar value, the most difficult loss to recover from is the loss of customer trust, and the time spent building that trust can never be recovered. There is no question that companies benefit from hiring a professional IT service. The question is, which one? Here’s where high-tech meets good old-fashioned common sense. It’s time to play Twenty Questions! Twenty Questions was a popular parlor game in the 1940s. However, although it’s just a game, it’s also been used to teach people about information theory. The process of elimination it utilizes can be compared to a binary search algorithm. Quantum physicist John Archibald Wheeler used a variant of it to develop the Participatory Anthropic Principle. The principle illustrates the fact that the questions we choose to ask influence the answers we get.

Best 20 Questions to Ask Tech Companies in Nashville

  • How long have you been in business? While longevity is no guarantee of superior service, especially in an innovative field like this one, whichever IT service you choose should be one that has been around long enough to be able to provide some good long-term references.
  • How can you protect my business from ransomware? (Criminals use ransomware to lock and prevent access to a computer system’s files, and demand payment to unlock it.)
  • What kind of backup system do you recommend in the event of a cyber attack? Backup systems are vital in the event of an emergency, whether natural or human-made. It’s important to decide whether you want your backup in the cloud, in a secure physical location, or both. Experts can explain the benefits and drawbacks of both.
  • What kind of network security can you provide?
  • How can you enable my employees to use their mobile devices for business outside the office without compromising security?
  • Can you ensure that my business would be able to pass a PCI audit and maintain compliance with any HIPAA requirements? If an IT company has financial or medical institutions as clients, they are familiar with all the most stringent security requirements.
  • Is there something you can do to make my system new employee-proof? We are all human and make mistakes, but new employees can be extra-human. Your team should be able to work with you to reduce the possibility of human error causing serious or irreversible damage to your system.
  • Can you assist in creating or improving a network security system and company policies for my business? If you don’t currently have a security policy, you should develop one that includes a need-to-know hierarchy for sensitive information. Not every employee should know every detail about your business in a time in which people only remain with a company for an average of five years.
  • Can you ensure that I’m informed of all new technological developments and advised regarding the cost/benefit ratio of any that could potentially benefit my business? A team of experts should be just that, which means they’re always researching new developments in both hardware and software as well as the most effective way to integrate them into your existing system for maximum benefit.
  • What is the monthly cost of your services? Businesses have budgets just like individuals, and it’s important to be able to calculate costs to stay within them accurately.
  • Do you provide around the clock technical assistance? It isn’t beneficial to have new technology if your employees don’t know how to use it.
  • Do you have recommendations for the degree of physical security I need to provide for my computer system and servers? If you’re going to hire a team of experts, take advantage of as much of that expertise as you possibly can.
  • Can you advise me regarding developing different levels of security access for my employees? See number 8.
  • Can you integrate new technology into my existing system without interrupting my business processes?
  • Is your staff trained to respectfully explain how to use new technology in simple easy-to-understand language to people who may have mad skills in sales, marketing or customer service, but lack expertise in computer technology?
  • How can you help streamline my existing business processes? Another reason to hire an experienced local team is that they see firsthand what works well for other businesses. That means they know not just what, but why.
  • What kinds of time-consuming processes can you eliminate in my specific type of business by automating them? How long will the process take? It’s always a good idea to make sure your expectations are realistic. While technology provides even more instant gratification, it remains true that patience is a virtue and that good thing come to those who wait. Even better things happen to those who wait graciously.
  • How many years have you been serving the client you’ve had the longest? Because high tech is developing at an exponential rate, tech years can be compared to dog years. If a company has had a client for five years or more, you can bet that they’ve gone through a considerable amount of technological evolution together during that time.
  • What kind of fun activities do you and your co-workers enjoy? Hey, if you’re close to making a mutually beneficial commitment, those that include some occasional fun last the longest.
  • Where have you been all my life? Okay, you might want to choose your own words. Once you’ve found an IT team that will allow you to get back to what you do best–running a business—you’ll choose the right ones.

Ready To Engage with A Tech Company in Nashville?

Whatever professional IT service you choose after researching tech companies in Nashville, make it the one that can answer more of these twenty questions to your complete satisfaction than their competitors.