The Importance of a Bulletproof Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan is an essential tool for every organization regardless of the industry it’s in. Any unforeseen event can occur, halting everyday operations, including data and IT infrastructure.

Even a small hiccup in the system can affect a business’s overall operations. Thus, they must prepare for any natural or data breach catastrophe to avoid financial risks as well as the loss of clients and reputation.

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Disaster Recovery Plans: Not Just an Exit Strategy

A disaster recovery plan goes beyond creating exit points in the event of a catastrophe. It’s a clear pathway to help employees and protect data. It means having a secondary infrastructure in place that can host the IT system when your business encounters a disaster.

Despite the risks, only 30% of organizations have well-integrated IT management with disaster recovery and business continuity. Most organizations cannot afford prolonged and unplanned downtime, which means a robust disaster plan is necessary.

Why Does Your Business Need a Disaster Plan?

Information technology has a sporadic impact on every aspect of a business. A single disruption causes an enterprise-wide disaster. This leads to higher downtimes which aren’t good for your clients.

A few minutes of downtime may push your customers away or worse, you may lose them to a competitor. These downtimes cause irreparable damage to business reputation.

Most businesses mistake a disaster recovery plan for a data backup. Well, it’s not. A data backup may be part of your overall contingency plan but it won’t reduce the downtime during, for instance, power failure.

Thus, businesses must look at their continuity and contingency plans keeping in mind the worst-case scenario to protect their assets and customers.

Benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Some of the benefits of a robust contingency plan include:

Minimize Delays and Recovery Time

A bulletproof disaster recovery plan reduces downtimes and improves recovery from a catastrophe. Businesses don’t need to make a last-minute decision that can lead to potential legal liability.

Improve Security

The bottom line is that businesses can increase cybersecurity with a disaster recovery plan. Since IT infrastructure can become prone to cyberattacks during a natural disaster, a contingency plan builds a solid foundation to keep cyber criminals away.

Save Customer Base

Businesses cannot afford to lose customers or their reputation. If your system experiences a disruption, it eventually affects your overall processes, meaning customers will face delays. This isn’t ideal for any business.

Fortunately, disaster recovery plans save your customer base by improving recovery time to ensure customers can make transactions or access the data they need.

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