What Do Businesses Need to Know About Unified Threat Management?

The IT sector and threats are growing side by side. The IT services provider, such as SunRiver IT, works on various solutions to prevent cyberattacks and online threats.

Unified threat management is the product of these efforts to combat cyberattacks. But what is unified threat management, and why should your business consider this solution? This guide explains it all.

Unified Threat Management

Unified threat management (UTM) is a solution to all your online threats. Most businesses use separate software to prevent different types of online threats. It can be hard to manage and update them regularly. Tracking information on these additional vendors and software can be difficult.

UTM is one solution to your online threats. It includes content filtration, firewalls, anti-spam, and antivirus to protect your sensitive information.

Next-Generation Firewall

Next-Generation Firewall is a key component of UTM. It combines traditional firewalls and other device filtering features such as deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention systems.

How Does UTM Benefit Your Business?

There are several advantages of using UTM. One of its key features is the simplicity it offers. UTM works for both small and large businesses. You don’t need to add extra software programs to perform different security tasks. This all-in-one solution minimizes the level of threat.

Besides simplicity, UTM also benefits businesses in the following way:

Low Cost

UTM costs less than multiple software solutions to prevent online threats. Your IT resources, such as computers, security team, and maintenance costs, influence installation costs. A multi-system solution can be complex and adds up to the expenses.

Compared to that, UTM abstracts all programs into one unit, and one person can manage the system, so you don’t need an additional team for security. This results in reduced expenses.

Fast Response

UTM responds to threats quicker than the multi-security system. A single unit monitors, analyzes, upgrades, and manages your security. The response rate reduces the extent of online threats by addressing any problem on time.

Despite its benefits, UTM does have its cons. If your system is compromised, your data can be at risk because UTM uses a single line of defense. That’s why most businesses add multiple layers of security protection.

An image depicting an online threat

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