Why Cybersecurity is Important for Your Business

The modern world has changed how businesses operate. Everything continues to move online. COVID-19 showed that businesses didn’t need to be confined to a physical location because most business operations and activities could occur online. It also showed that workers could work from home because remote work became a possibility.

However, these changes also made businesses more vulnerable. Since employees were working from home, sensitive business data was being transmitted outside the office through unprotected networks.

As a result, cybercrimes soared during the pandemic. Cybercrime has been a growing issue for businesses, governments, and individuals for some time. Research shows that cybercrimes resulted in the US losing $6.9 billion in 2021. Experts predict that cybercrime costs will increase as technological adoption continues to increase.

Malicious actors and cybercriminals target businesses because they want access to sensitive business information. They use this information to blackmail businesses or sell the data online. As a result, businesses must invest in cybersecurity to protect themselves. If you want to protect yourself from the adverse effects of cybercrime, consider getting cybersecurity services for small businesses from SunRiver IT.

Why Businesses Need Cybersecurity

Businesses need cybersecurity for several reasons. Firstly, it protects them from information theft, one of the fastest-growing cybercrime segments. In addition, it also helps them protect sensitive information from malicious actors that might be used against them.

In addition, increased cybersecurity also helps them maintain IT compliance. Some government authorities require adherence to data protection regulations. For instance, the EU requires businesses to comply with GDPR guidelines, especially when handling customer data.

Some organizations, like healthcare organizations and financial institutions, also handle particularly sensitive data. Data breaches can cause sensitive user information like credit card numbers or protected health information to become publicly available, resulting in severe repercussions for the company. The HIPAA, for instance, imposes penalties against healthcare organizations if it determines that proper cybersecurity measures weren’t followed.

How Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Cybercrime

Here’s how businesses can protect themselves from cybercrime:

Educate Employees

Research shows that most cybercrimes occur due to human errors. Experts estimated that approximately 90 percent of data breaches occurred because of negligence or mistakes by employees.

Implement Risk Management Solutions

Risk management solutions can also help businesses protect themselves from cybercrimes. Risk management solutions can also be used to help third-party vendors working with your business improve their cybersecurity strategies, reducing the likelihood of data breaches.

Get Cybersecurity Services from a Managed IT Services Provider

Cybersecurity services from a managed IT services provider can also help businesses protect sensitive data. A managed IT services provider offers tools for your company to assess third-party risk. In addition, their tools and services also allow you to check for leaked data and credentials.

A cybersecurity expert

Protect Your Business from Cybercrimes with SunRiver IT

Cybercrime has become a growing concern for businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly at risk because they don’t have the resources to protect themselves. That’s where SunRiver IT enters the mix. We’re a leading IT support company offering numerous services, including security consulting and managed security services. Contact us to learn more.