Why Microsoft Word 2016 is Worth the Update

Many of us have been working with Microsoft Word for years. Whether that be at home, school, or work, Microsoft Word has proven to be a useful tool for both personal and business ventures. Since it was first installed in the early 80’s under the name “Multi-Tool Word” there have been many changes to the word processor software. When one compares the older versions of Microsoft Word to the newest version changes are obvious. However, many people question if the upgrade is really worth it. How much difference could there be between the newest and older versions of this familiar Microsoft software?

Microsoft Word 2016

Real-Time Collaborations

With this new feature, multiple people are allowed to share their input on the document in real time. This puts Microsoft Word on the same playing field as online word processors like Google Docs. This means that instead of emailing back and forth, which we all know is a waste of time that could be spent doing other things, edits and comments are delivered in real time. Multiple people have the option of working on a document together, meaning that this update makes Word perfect for group work or projects. Word includes a small Skype window in the bottom corner of the screen as well, for those who need to physically see the ones they are working with. This could also be useful in cases that images need to be seen by all, as it changes the need for email and instead allows everyone working on the document to view the same thing at the same time. The Skype feature also allows for conversations between collaborators. Being able to discuss rather than having to email saves time for all involved.

To take advantage of real-time collaborations, one must only select the ‘Share’ option from the top navigation tab. Then, inviting the people who need to work on the document is as easy as sending the invite. An interesting factor here is that the person who sent the invite can limit the editing abilities of those they invite. Messages are shared in a form similar to comments, and you need only click the ‘share’ option for your message to be received by those working on the document.

‘Tell Me’ Function

The Tell Me function is something that proves infinitely useful to both new and old users of Word. This function uses colloquial language to help you do whatever it is your heart desires. Users only need to have knowledge of what they want to do, and the Tell Me option will guide them towards accomplishing their task. With the Tell Me function users can work quickly and efficiently.

Tell Me is a function that proves itself very useful as technology gets more and more complicated. Something that sets the Tell Me function apart from the regular ‘help’ option is that it uses regular language to find what you need. No more racking your brain for the appropriate jargon, instead, you can search for things the same way you would say them. Rather than spending your time searching for what you need, you are given the tools to do just about anything. The Tell Me option sits in the middle of the ribbon and identifies itself with the phrase “Tell me what you want to do” waiting to assist you in whatever it is you need at the moment.

Same Interface with New Capabilities

Word 2016 comes with the same look we’ve all grown used to. There aren’t new flashing lights or bobbles, just the addition of some white text offering to help you do whatever you want to do. This makes it familiar, something we have all seen before. However, this recognizable interface hides the many developments that have taken place in Word. Not only are there new and easier options for collaboration, as well as the helpful, Tell Me function, there are also new security measures being taken.

Microsoft has given people the ability to implement two-factor authentication to their desktops suites, making information more secure than ever. This means that the work you do in collaboration with partners will be safe and you can rest assured that no one will be able to ruin or negate the work you’ve done. Keeping your Word documents safe and accessible is something that is important to all of us. This importance grows each day with the increase in data theft and people’s desire to keep their work safe. Word will not only keep your information safe through Microsoft’s updates, but it will help you do more, be more productive and work with ease in a way that you never have before.

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