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Month: January 2017

Another day, another type of smart device proven vulnerable to hacking. In this case, the latest IoT (Internet of Things) devices to fall victim are Samsung SmartCam cameras. These cloud-enabled security devices, popular with small and medium-sized businesses, were originally designed and manufactured by Samsung and recently sold to the Hanwha Group. In response to

Security researchers have recently discovered an odd strain of malware they’ve dubbed “Fruitfly,” which has been specifically targeted at biotech companies. It would be a mistake to call this a new strain, however. Based on an analysis of the code, it appears to date back to 2001 or thereabouts, but has only just been discovered.

The YouTube sensation “EverythingApplePro” has a reputation for finding odd bugs and exploits in iPhones and iPads. A newly added pair of videos on the channel’s page reveals two quirky ways you can cause any iPhone or iPad up through the current iOS version to crash. The first, surprisingly enough, revolves around two emojis. If

Recently, Consumer Reports did something they have literally never done before. They failed to recommend the latest Apple laptop (the MacBook Pro) for purchase. The reason? When they conducted a series of tests at the Consumer Reports Lab, the laptop’s battery life was found to be substantially less than what Apple reported that it should

By now, almost everyone is aware that Adobe Systems’ Flash Player is in trouble. Critical security issues are being reported faster than the company can fix them, but kudos to Adobe for gamely continuing to try. The company just released their latest patch, which addresses thirteen critical security issues. A dozen of those closed loopholes

Given the number of high profile data breaches that occurred in 2016, it’s hard to believe that anyone would still be using obvious or insecure passwords. But that’s is what the latest survey from digital vault company, “Keeper,” unfortunately reveals. Every year, they publish their list of most widely used insecure passwords, as gleaned from

Improving technology and a social media habit are converging in an unfortunate way that is opening the door for a new kind of hacking. Now, not even your selfies are safe. Here’s what’s happening: Thanks to radical improvements in the quality of digital cameras in recent years, it’s possible to take crisper, clearer digital photos

In 2015, the FDA issued warnings about a pair of infusion pumps – “smart” medical devices that had demonstrated security flaws. It was the first time in history that security researchers demonstrated that a hacker could take control of these life-saving devices remotely and use them to kill the patients they were protecting. Since that

The spinning disk hard drive has been the reigning king of storage for almost as long as we’ve had desktop computers. All things end, though, and the HDD’s reign is officially coming to a close. It’s getting increasingly difficult to justify springing for an old-style hard drive when you can buy an SSD or a

CVE Details is a website that tracks bugs in various software systems, aggregating the data and issuing an “award” for the software that has the most reported bugs in any given year. This year, Android topped the list by a wide margin, with a staggering 523 reported security issues. The runner up, Debian Linux, placed

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