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Month: April 2017

Just how bad it bot activity on the net? How much traffic is generated by bots, and how big of a problem is that for business owners? The answers will surprise and dismay you. According to the annual “Bad Bot Report” published by a company called Distil, Bot activity accounted for 40% of all traffic

Just a friendly reminder: if you still have a system running Windows Vista, time is running out to upgrade. Windows has announced the official EOL (End of Life) date for the OS as April 11, 2017. As of that date, there will be no more software updates, period. That includes no more updates to fix

Do you think your business is safe from a ransomware attack? It isn’t. This was indeed the case that when ransomware first burst onto the scene. Hackers were targeting very large institutions, seeming to favor the health care and insurance industries. But that is now changing, at least according to a recent report published by

Ask.com is one of the internet’s oldest properties. It is not as well-known as the titans of the web (Google, Yahoo, etc.) but almost everyone who has spent any time at all on the internet is familiar with the brand, and its popular browser-based toolbar, distributed by the APN (Ask Partner Network) is used by

Nobody likes CAPTCHAs. They’re annoying. They slow you down when you’re trying to log into a site that has data you need. Unfortunately, CAPTCHAs themselves proved necessary to help weed out bots and keep them at bay. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but in Google’s case, they began using text digitized

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