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Month: April 2017

The newest big problem with data security is the same as the old big problem with data security. It’s the users. Specifically, it’s the fact that most people don’t bother to change their passwords more than once a year, if that frequently. Data security is a major headache for all business owners, no matter the

Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch, a new console system. On its heels, we’re seeing a new scam that’s tricking large numbers of PC users (both Apple and Windows-based) into downloading potentially harmful software. The scam seems to be driven largely by YouTube videos, and works like this: A user views a YouTube video talking

Google made a valiant effort to unify the world of internet chat with the release of Google Talk. Unfortunately, the other companies operating in that space were not interested in playing nice. Had Google been successful in the realization of their vision, then virtually all chat software in use today would be cross-compatible. You would

Recently, digital security firm Lookout spotted an innovative new kind of malware they dubbed Scareware. Targeting Apple mobile devices, it makes the user believe he or she has been the victim of a ransomware attack by using simple Javascripts to lock the Safari mobile browser into an endless loop, displaying a message that all the

Who says hackers don’t have a flair for style? Security searchers at Avast, makers of a popular antivirus software, have stumbled across a new strain of ransomware that utilizes a Star Trek theme. Although the new Python-based malware is not known to have ensnared any victims yet, the security bulletin is making the rounds to

Are you one of the holdouts still running Windows 7 or 8? If so, you should know that if you upgrade your processor to the very latest, you will no longer be able to receive automatic software updates. For clarification, Microsoft formally terminated support for Windows 7 in January 2015, regardless of what processor you’re

If you haven’t heard of the Trojan called “Nuclear Bot,” you probably will have the dubious honor of seeing it in action soon. Its author just released the source code on the Dark Web, and that’s very bad news. Nuclear Bot is a devastatingly effective Trojan. Although designed to target banks, there’s no reason why

On March 22, Urology Austin became the second medical company to suffer from a major breach. It was a particularly nasty one, combining data theft with a ransomware attack that impacted more than a quarter million users. To its credit, the company took immediate, decisive action. It ensured that no one’s care was impacted and

Today’s corporate networks look so different from the networks of yesteryear that they’re almost not even comparable any more. In olden times, when the personal computer was a relatively new invention and networks were just beginning to form, they were homogenous and tightly controlled. They were nearly hermetically sealed digital environments with strong digital walls

Tavis Ormandy is either the first, or the last person on the planet you ever want to get an email from, depending on your point of view. As Google’s best, most prolific bug-hunter, he’s constantly on the prowl for security flaws that could be exploited by hackers that could put your data at risk. Recently,

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