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Fines For HIPAA On The Rise For Even Minor Data Breaches

By developer / July 30, 2016

If your company deals with protected health information, then you know what a maze of regulation HIPAA rules can be. The Federal government has recently signaled just how seriously they take data breaches, by fining Oregon Health & Science University $2.7 million for two breaches that impacted a total of 7,066 individuals. Compared to other…

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Microsoft Reducing OneDrive Cloud Storage Space For Many Users

By developer / July 29, 2016

If you use Microsoft OneDrive, it’s time to review your usage rate, and perhaps start thinking of switching to a different cloud-based storage solution. When the service was first rolled out, users with a free OneDrive account got fifteen gigabytes of storage space. That’s generous, but unfortunately, it also ended. The company announced in April,…

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Be Careful: Fake Apps Are Stealing Information

By developer / July 28, 2016

Security researchers at the firm ESET have recently warned of a total of 8 apps found on the Google Play store. These apps, at first glance, appear to be designed to help users increase their number of followers on various social media platforms, and as such, may have found their way on a variety of…

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New iPhone Attack Seems Very Familiar: Watch Out For MMS

By developer / July 27, 2016

Last July, Android users got a nasty surprise. The surprise came in the form of a new type of attack directed against smartphones. Dubbed “Stagefright,” it allowed a hacker to assume total control over the target device, simply by sending a properly encoded multimedia message to it. The bug that allowed this type of attack…

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Would Your Company Fail A Web Security Test?

By developer / July 26, 2016

How solid is your firm’s web security? According to recent findings by the penetration expert Ilia Kolochenko, probably not very good. Kolochenko should know. He is the CEO of High-Tech Bridge, and he and his research team have just finished an extensive review of business internet vulnerabilities. The results aren’t pretty. The two biggest highlights…

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Will Your Next Hard Drive Be MRAM?

By developer / July 25, 2016

There’s a new technology in the area of memory and storage. MRAM. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone, but it’s one of two promising up and coming technologies that stand to change the storage game forever. The acronym stands for Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory, and there are three key things that make…

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Need More Laptop Drive Space? How About A 4TB SSD?

By developer / July 23, 2016

Samsung made a surprising new product offering with little fanfare. There was so little fanfare, in fact, that you may have missed it. The company is now selling a staggering 4TB SSD with a 2.5 inch form factor, which means it’s small enough to fit into a laptop. The only announcement the company made about…

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Will Printers Serve Up Your Next Computer Infection?

By developer / July 22, 2016

Vectra Networks has found an old, longstanding vulnerability in Windows, and it comes from a rather unexpected source. Printers. Way back in 2007, an eternity ago in the world of tech, Microsoft introduced a convenient new feature that was widely lauded by network administrators. This service called Microsoft Web Point-and-Print stated its purpose was to…

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Latest Breach Hits Omni Hotels – Has Information Been Stolen?

By developer / July 21, 2016

By now, the headlines will scarcely surprise anyone. Yet another business has suffered a major data breach. This time, it was Omni Hotels, a luxury hotel chain. The breach, which was discovered on May 30, 2016, began December 23, 2015 and was not completely eradicated from the company’s network until June 14, 2016. Unfortunately, we…

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Thieves Are Using Technology To Hack In And Steal Cars

By developer / July 20, 2016

The world’s hackers are branching out. No longer content to simply breach the digital fortresses that today’s businesses and governments have become, they’re now beginning to turn their attention to automobiles, too. In recent weeks, four vehicles with electronic key FOBs and digital security measures have been stolen. No trace of them has been found…

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