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Top 4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Franklin IT Service Companies Going Into 2019

By developer / October 29, 2018

Is your staff getting overwhelmed with keeping up with IT updates and requirements? Perhaps it is time to outsource your Franklin IT services. Hiring a contractor to handle your IT support will take the burden off of your shoulders and allow your busy employees to focus on your core business and your clients. It is essential to find a Franklin IT support company that you can trust with your computer issues.

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The What, The How, and The Why of Managed Threat Detection

By developer / May 30, 2018

Cybercriminals are getting more fearless by the day and their crimes are getting more and more sophisticated. Cybercrimes are costing businesses and organizations billions of dollars each year. This has spawned a new generation of cybercrime fighters who search for ways to end this threat once and for all. With each new attack, the crimes…

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Russian Hackers Target Routers in 50 Countries

By developer / May 29, 2018

In a day and time when everyone is being super careful not to click on suspicious links, there’s a new threat lurking. Just about every home and office have a router. It’s an inconspicuous piece of equipment that most of us rarely think about. And now, a new alert issued by the FBI says that…

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Technological Challenges Faced by Accounting Firms

By developer / May 25, 2018

Changes in technology come with a variety of challenges. First, there is the need to change and adapt to the new advancements. There are always financial costs associated with this process. The effects of technology are often widespread. Some people are concerned that new products and programs will put them out of work. The new…

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Office 365 GDPR Compliance Manager

By developer / May 24, 2018

Compliance Manager Introduced by Microsoft, Compliance Manager is a data tracking system designed to ensure companies adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Organizations can sign up for paid Compliance Manager or subscribe to a free Compliance Manager via Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Azure, Dynamic 365 or Microsoft Cloud Services. Microsoft recently released the…

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Challenges Law Firms Should Be Ready To Face In 2018

By developer / May 22, 2018

A critical skill that an aspiring lawyer must possess is commercial awareness. One particularly important aspect is to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the market in which these law firms work. At the end of the day, any firm is just a business like all the others and therefore, it should react similarly to the…

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New Microsoft Excel Data Visualization Features That Experts Are Excited About

By developer / May 21, 2018

There is no denying how critical Microsoft Excel is for day-to-day data processing and visualizations across organizations. Still, many users are not as familiar with the complete functionality of this handy tool as they could be. Today’s users say they have a fairly good knowledge of Excel and yet Microsoft adds new features each year…

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Reasons to Use a Managed Service Provider for Wireless Networking

By developer / May 18, 2018

Wireless networking has become a very important aspect of human life. The global marketplace has forced businesses to find new ways of reaching their customers in countries around the world. However, wireless networking isn’t just for business owners. Various people in every way of life rely on wireless networking for different reasons. Teenagers, young adults,…

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Meltdown and Spectre Spawn New Round of Phishing Scams

By developer / May 16, 2018

The recent announcement of the vulnerabilities found in the Intel, ARM, and AMD processors has sparked a new phishing campaign – not the good kind of fishing with bait and largemouth bass. Although, these hackers are using a particular kind of bait. While Meltdown and Spectre require access to your system, hackers have various ways…

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By developer / May 7, 2018

In the era of modern technology, effective database security is more important than ever. Your business stores a range of sensitive information (for clients and employees) all of which needs to be kept safe at all times. Should any of that data get exposed, either by malicious hackers or internal human error on your staff’s…

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