Looking for Nashville Computer Support?

If you landed on this page it means that you searched into Google for a Nashville Computer Support company.

Looking for a Nashville Computer Support Company?

Before you choose a provider, you may want to have a more thorough understanding of what IT support is, what you can expect from computer technical support, and what computer specialist do.

Below we go into great detail about what Nashville computer support companies do and what you should expect from a reputable provider. If you have any further questions or need an IT consultant for your business, then contact Sunriver IT today. We’re here to help.

What Does IT Support Mean?

IT technicians that work for Nashville computer companies help businesses with issues that range from assisting an employee with their email to helping an organization restore their data and infrastructure after a natural disaster. IT professionals also make recommendations on what type of technology products a business may need such computers, phones, cabling, or software.

Twenty years ago, IT support was very much a reactive role where companies would only address problems as they arise. Today’s IT support acts more like a front line of defense, preventing issues from occurring long before they happen.

Support handles all areas of information technology, including:

  • Hardware and equipment
  • Software and SaaS
  • Physical servers, virtual servers, or cloud platforms
  • Communication systems
  • Network management
  • Wi-Fi and wireless remote devices
  • Cabling

Essentially, if it has anything to do with your network, computers, or communication technology, then an IT support staff can manage it.

There are three main types of support:

1. Time and Materials

IT support can handle all the materials you need for your technology and charge you a prearranged rate for installing, maintaining, monitoring, or repairing the technology. The prearranged rate is different for different companies. For instance, some companies charge an hourly rate. Other companies may charge a flat fee for their time. Still, other companies may send you a monthly bill with unlimited service.

2. Block Hours

A company provides IT support based on how you pay for blocks of their time. For example, you may pay per month or annually for the service. What is great about block hours is that you can allocate how you want the IT support team to spend those hours with greater flexibility.

3. Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are currently the most common type of IT support that companies will offer today. This is a blanket service that handles almost everything IT-related for a specific price. Again, companies offer a wide range of packages and plans for different pricing structures. The best benefit to managed IT services is that you can hand your IT over to the company, and they will handle the entire system.

What is Computer Technical Support

While IT support and computer technical support do overlap somewhat, there are also some distinct differences.

First, computer technicians primarily focus on computers and hardware. They do not spend too much time developing or managing an entire network. They are incredibly knowledgeable about computer systems, software applications, and related devices. Thus, computer technical support can help you with your computer or software problems.

Computer technical support is also part of a more extensive service known as a Help Desk. Almost all IT companies have some form of a help desk. The help desk is there to solve problems, answer questions, and deal with all computer-related issues. They also educate employees on how to minimize downtime by reducing or eliminating common problems that occur in the workplace.

The Help Desk is valuable because technicians can solve many of the issues that you face from a remote location. You simply call the IT company, explain your problem, and let a computer support technician try to fix it from their office. If they cannot fix it from the office, they will dispatch a computer support technician to arrive at your location and fix the computer problem.

Although an IT support company’s focus should be on problem prevention, issues will still arise from time to time. When they do, you want someone that you can rely on to handle those problems. Computer technical support fills that purpose.

What Does a Computer Support Specialist Do

A computer support specialist provides assistance and guidance for all member of an organization. Computer specialists can either work in-house for a business or work for an IT company that offers outsourced computer support. Most computer specialists have some education with a degree or certification in specific areas of computers or related technology.

A computer support specialist can perform a broad spectrum of tasks, including:

  • Test and evaluate computer and network systems
  • Perform ongoing computer maintenance to ensure quality performance
  • Troubleshoot and fix computer problems as they occur
  • Resolve issues or questions that clients may have
  • Replace old equipment and integrate new equipment into a network system
  • Train users on how to work with new products
  • Provide consultation on how organizations can best use their computers and other hardware or software

Computer support specialists are also known as Help Desk technicians and may work as part of a remote or onsite help desk team. Computer support specialists are integral in almost every industry in the U.S. since nearly every business owner utilizes computer technology. Industries where support technicians are especially valuable include healthcare, finance, construction, telecommunications, professional services, and education.

Currently, companies that are in the greatest need of computer support specialists are small to mid-sized businesses. Smaller businesses are more vulnerable to cyber attacks, experience more technical problems, and go through greater organization-wide digital transformation than larger companies. Smaller businesses reach a lot milestone “firsts” that larger, more established companies have already reached numerous times.

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