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How to Automate Microsoft Outlook Email Responses

By developer / September 16, 2019

Automate Email Replies in Four Ways to Share Information Better Learn how to use four powerful tools to automate Microsoft Outlook email responses, including Automatic Replies, Quick Parts, Signatures and Templates   Managing email responses, especially if you are a busy executive looking to keep in touch with clients, colleagues, investors and partners. Watch the…

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The Rise of MarTech: Navigating the Intersection of Marketing and Technology

By developer / August 2, 2019

The Rise of MarTech: Navigating the Intersection of Marketing and Technology Is your organization struggling with the intersection of marketing and technology? If so, you’re not alone — marketers everywhere are. There is a crisis in boardrooms and offices around the world: who owns marketing technology? Is it the CIO or CTO, who doesn’t always…

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What Is The CMO’s Role In IT For 2020 And Beyond?

By developer / July 5, 2019

The role of the CMO has changed dramatically in recent years, and the push for more integration of marketing and technology shows no signs of stopping. With 2020 just around the corner, it is worthwhile to look more closely at how CMOs are doing their jobs today—and what the future holds for those serving as…

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Is The CMO Responsible For Digital Technology Decisions?

By developer / June 18, 2019

All businesses today are faced with numerous technology decisions. The rapid rate of tech development and adoption has led to some truly remarkable transformations in the business landscape—and in the responsibilities, various professionals are expected to perform. CMOs are no exception. In fact, if you have been a CMO for very long, you have likely…

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Does The CMO Have A Role In Technology Decisions?

By developer / June 14, 2019

The role of CMOs has been changing rapidly in recent years with the introduction of numerous technologies. Social media platforms, CRM software and diverse multimedia channels all offer businesses remarkably effective tools for creating and maintaining a brand while connecting with customers in ways that were never before possible. While the increased pace of tech…

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What The CMO Needs To Know About Marketing Technology

By developer / June 11, 2019

Familiarity with marketing technologies is a must for today’s CMO. However, the range of tech knowledge across CMOs varies widely. Even if every CMO can benefit from some technical familiarity, the reality is that some CMOs know very little about technology while others know more than they will ever need to in order to fulfill…

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Is The CMO Responsible For Digital Technology Decisions?

By developer / June 5, 2019

With the adoption of technology in the personal and commercial spheres ramping up to breakneck speed, the need for clear objectives for key business personnel like CMOs has never been greater. CMOs need to know what their responsibilities are. It may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but the reality of tech and…

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Can CMOs and CTOs Unite?

By developer / May 28, 2019

Learn about the importance of CTOs and CMOs uniting their efforts to create optimal outcomes for their companies. You can make business better by uniting.   Considering the vital importance of digital touch points—including mobile and Web interactions—for the success of most businesses, there has never been a time where it was more necessary for…

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What Role Must The CMO Play In Technology Decisions?

By developer / May 21, 2019

The role of the CMO has been evolving at a rapid pace in recent years due to the constant addition of new marketing technologies or martech. You only have to compare the tech budgets of marketing departments today to those five years ago to see a drastic increase in spending. Companies know that they need…

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Will LinkedIn Phishing Threats Defeat The Popular Business Social Media Platform?

By developer / May 13, 2019

The career-centered social media network LinkedIn is the latest victim of phishing efforts on the part of cybercriminals—demonstrating that no organization, no matter how big, is immune to such threats. The phishing attacks are tailored to what LinkedIn users are most likely to be interested in and seek to obtain valuable information from victims. What…

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