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Protect Your Business, Employees, And Clients With Expert Compliance Services

By madwire / August 6, 2020

Thanks for coming back to the SunRiver IT blog, we’re happy to have you! Today, we’re going to be covering an extremely important topic, and hopefully providing our clients with some helpful information that is not only going to help protect their businesses and the sensitive information they hold, but also improve the efficiency and…

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[ Free Training] Protect Your Yourself From Hackers

By developer / October 2, 2019

Ransomware attacks are growing a staggering 350% each year. And to make matters worse, 43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses. Why? Because more often than not, they don’t have the budget or expertise to protect themselves. Fortunately, knowledge is prevention in situations like this. Even if you don’t have an unlimited amount…

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Microsoft Teams Update: They Just Made It Even Better

By developer / September 21, 2019

Are you already experiencing the time-saving collaboration tools and productivity tools in Microsoft Teams? Wait until you see the 2019 Microsoft Teams Update. It’s no secret to you that no one is an island when it comes to getting complex jobs done within an organization. But coordinating team efforts, keeping everyone on the same page…

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Free Microsoft Outlook Training

By developer / September 19, 2019

Every month, we host Microsoft Office and other technology training sessions. Our training sessions are completely free of charge and are available “on-demand”.  Yes, you can tune-in whenever and wherever you like.   This month’s training session: 4 Ways To Use Microsoft Outlook Efficiently. Our in-house Microsoft training specialist, Dawn, will guide you through some…

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10 Questions Every Company Should Ask Before Outsourcing IT Services

By developer / August 29, 2019

Ten questions to ask while considering outsourcing your IT services to a provider.   Many companies are outsourcing their IT functions due to convenience and budgetary constraints. Small- and medium-size businesses can focus their hiring of staff for their core business, and hire an IT consultant for their expertise and efficiency. However, even with the…

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Capital One Data Breach

By developer / August 21, 2019

Recently, news broke about the latest large-scale data breach to hit a major organization. Capital One Bank has announced that millions of customers across the US and Canada have had their personal information compromised in one of the biggest breaches to ever happen to a financial services company. This brief video courtesy of News24 discusses the…

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The Complete Guide to Managing Popular Extensions Successfully

By developer / August 15, 2019

Protect Yourself from Potential Attacks Via Chrome Extensions Learn two simple ways to set the privacy and activity settings for each Google Chrome extension on your browser and steps the company is taking to protect users. Google’s Chrome web browser is a popular choice for businesses the world over. Managing the extensions gives you more…

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8 Essential Reasons to Outsource Your IT Services

By developer / July 26, 2019

8 Essential Reasons to Outsource Your IT Services Technology moves fast and furiously. In this modern world, you need IT services for your business to run as smoothly as possible. The last thing any well-run company wants is for their IT issues to trip up working conditions so your employees are frustrated, and not being…

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Online Excel Training: Tips & Techniques For Managing Workbooks

By developer / July 25, 2019

Organization Shouldn’t Be Complicated Out of all of Microsoft’s Office programs, Excel is one of the most universally used. What started out as a fairly basic spreadsheet program has evolved into a must-have business tool. However, the more you use Excel, the more data your workbooks will accumulate. Keeping these workbooks organized and easy to…

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Using Today View in iOS 12

By developer / July 5, 2019

iOS 12 brings a lot to the table and you will want to take full advantage of it to get the most out of your device. The Today View in iOS 12 is one feature that is worth exploring to determine how you can leverage it to make your workday and personal life more organized.…

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